Demand for access control system performance advantage profusion of concern

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Demand for access control system performance advantage profusion of concern

Post  sherrywang on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:18 am

Application access control system not only gives our lives a lot easier, but also so that we get the security guarantees. In the footsteps of the digital age advances, the increasing market demand for access control surge, the effect is obvious.

Improve security: the designated area for grading, access rights management sub-periods, limiting free access to important regional stakeholders to determine their access levels and allow the passage of time based on the job and the nature of the staff, the management of a number of important areas such as banking vaults, and out of the subway control room set up several ways to better meet the requirements of regional security, prevent theft outside the Pirates.

Improve management efficiency: real time through a central management center and set the status of each access point, reducing the cost of patrol officers. The system can record events in real time to facilitate the production of a variety of corporate personnel management reports, such as time and attendance, scheduling, etc.

Can be integrated with other systems: energy and fire alarm systems integrated unified security platform, to reach the accident early warning, prevention dangers. When disaster into a fire occurs, the system can be set to automatically open the door to the control area to facilitate personnel escape. Combined monitoring system, access control system can automatically switch linkage photographic images, on the part of the need for monitoring and video surveillance.


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